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bus tour

lindy’s note: this is an entry from my soon to be former blog.

I guess we could consider these “before” pictures

Tara and Judy have asked me about what the bus looks like inside.
The thing is that last winter things looked MUCH different… in fact these were taken on Nov 18 and the next day things changed … I am in the midst of cleaning up the storage in the back so I can move things back there (firewood and so on) so when the weather changes I can work on the interior.
But these photos will give you an idea of what life is like at the moment.
I am with out a kitchen … not even a cobbled together camp/off-grid one.
Right now I just can’t deal with all that entails while trying to put up walls, so I am packing in any meals that are eaten at the bus, but that is just for now … I am longing BIG TIME for a kitchen again…

I’ll skip the stuff right in front as you come up the steps… just tools and firewood at this point in time.
Basically you are looking through the “wall-to-be” that will commence once the weather starts up again and drives me inside…
Stove pipe, stove, chair and table to the left and then my treadle sewing machine, bed to the right.

Isil on my bed.
It is just a futon like frame on the floor.
Plenty of room for me, two dogs and one or two cats … lol …. it doubles as a daybed.
The cover was a find from the GoodWill outlet store

There is my chair, covered so I don’t have to worry about if I am clean and tidy when I sit down.
Gads it looks a lot more pitiful than I thought… oh well!
The red light at the left hand side is a cheapie florescent trouble light from Harbor Freight that Dan gave me a few years ago. It works GREAT and is my main lighting at night.
I am MUCH happier with solar and this light than I was last winter.
The table to the left holds my books, notebooks, and various things I need . There is a dresser in the back.

Treadle sewing machine, bucket of twigs for a project, gray box holds pet food,

The black plastic on the wall is a vapor barrier that I am putting up between the bus wall and then I will put 2×4’s on top of it … then insulation and then oak tongue and groove boards…
The treadle sewing machine is covered up … protected … and turned into a wash stand …

Outside here on the wall is a small solar panel from the “shed light” at Harbor Freight. I will eventually mount it on the side of the bus, but this works for now.
This will eventually be my over the sink kitchen light … but I don’t have a photo of the light.

Here are my solar panels and the trailer I use to keep everything dry.
This will also be my garden spot (I HOPE) next year.
So the trailer is serving as a solar/garden/storage shed.

Everyone likes hanging out on the bed

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a good begining quote

I found this at a web page I was visiting today:

“One feels more snug and cozy, and secure, too, in a slight and flimsy shelter, provided it serves its purpose, than when insulated within thick walls and roofs which do not allow even a consciousness of the weather to penetrate.”

From Shantyboat–A River Way of Life, by Harlan Hubbard, Copyright 1953

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