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Good Coyotes

Everywhere there is a gopher hole, mouse hole, ground squirrel hole this is what I see …

The coyotes have not been able to get in with the sheep because of the fencing … so they have spent all their time hunting for vermin. This one is at the “pond gate” close to the bus, in the horse pasture.


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Snake 2


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Gopher Snake

He was NOT happy. I just wanted to get his picture…


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I have decided not to be so stinking anal about my pictures and JUST post them.

Here is one from last summer:

frog cuke patch

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Rock Ring 5

I just need to put a level on the tire to make sure it is level.

I then got side tracked and went for a walk :^) had an apple for a snack and did some wild foraging.


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Rock Ring 4

Wow. That was easier than it looked. Now I have the area cleared … ready for the tire.


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Rock Ring 3

This is from today. As you can see the grass is really greening up!
The metal panel is my gate, so this is where the ring needs to be. Another large rock in the way. I would just work it in, but I decided to use old car tires for the center.

I can always move the actual gate if I do not like it.


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