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venting the generator

I have a 1200 watt generator that is a two stroke engine. I bought it several years ago for $99 and I have googled and I cannot find one this size for less than $200 now. It has a two stroke engine so it sounds like a chainsaw *laugh* but it is soooo easy on gasoline. One gallon lasts over 10 hours.

When I’m working at the bus I need to use power tools, like the drill, and I need to run the gen but not constantly. So, why not hook it up to the batteries and charge them while I work?

Here is the rub. The solar shed is set up in an old travel trailer and I have not been able to figure out how to run the gen in there. There is the issue of venting the exhaust out of the trailer safely.

Today I spent some time with Google and I believe I found my answer in this article:

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