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November 6, 2011

Goals –

short term:

buy 10 gallon fish tank, set up and get fish. Start playing with aquaponics in March.

Move oak blocks

Pick up limb wood

move pullets to the barn and make them a good home for winter

Jack up and dig out back north wheels of the bus to help level it up.

Long term projects:

figure out how to make a solar room on the south side of the bus.

Complete bus enough so that it is livable in cold weather

Set up aquaponics system here at mom’s as a test run

Make long term plans for barrel system aquaponics
-find ways to make food for fish so that they do not have to eat
commercially prepared food. Worm bins, duckweed etc.

make plans for micra hydro plant at the pond

plant bamboo that is suited for the “swamp” area. Build a hog panel fence around it and make sure to have it where the sheep and goats can access any run away plants. Use bamboo for homesteading projects, food for myself and for the rabbits, sheep and goats.

get a dairy goat that will get along with the boys. That way I only need one dairy goat.

fix chicken tractor hoop house for a summer home for the hens. Make it predator proof.

make a rabbit tractor big enough for a duo or trio colony. Easy to move …

figure out how to cultivate the white clover that grows by the trees

build a outdoor wood fired food dryer

build a smoke house

plan and make out door living areas. North side only?
Outdoor cooking area.

Porch at backdoor?

move wood stove?

What about sleeping outside? Platform and under the trees kitty corner from the bus? Camp out at Summer Camp (too far from bus but it is so nice there)

Fix Summer Camp for visitors. Sawdust toilet for needs, place to hang solar shower, etc. Fix fence better to keep sheep and goats out. Remove stumps so people can park closer with out ruining tires.

Figure out how to tarp the bus in the summer months. how to tie the tarp to the oaks with out doing them harm.

build a wood shed and utilize storage under bus from back wheels for wood

winter quarters for animals. Figure out winter plans for fish.

where does the green house go? By the solar trailer?

redo the solar yard … seal panels … put down lots of mulch to keep weeds from growing.

fix the solar trailer or get rid of it altogether (move it?)


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